As a medical licensing examination, the USMLE program has a responsibility to produce transcripts that report a complete exam history for each examinee.

To take into account that some students did not have a chance to remediate their Step 2 CS results, the dates of exam suspension will be clearly noted on each ERAS transcript.    

Due to the Step 2 CS suspension, a significant number of individuals applying for residency in the 2020-2021 cycle will not have a Step 2 CS result. We understand, however, that some residency applicants may be concerned about not having a Step 2 CS result while some of their peers do. The dates of exam suspension will be clearly noted on each ERAS transcript.

Suspension of Step 2 CS will not prevent individuals from obtaining licensure. As a co-sponsor of USMLE, FSMB has reviewed state statutes for medical licensing and confirmed that no legislative changes will be required because of the CS suspension. FSMB will work with the handful of state medical boards whose administrative rules list passage of Step 2 CS.

ECFMG is committed to ensuring that IMGs are certified and ready to enter US GME this upcoming season. Updates on requirements for ECFMG Certification for the 2021 Match can be found here.

We remain committed to the valid, standardized measurement of clinical skills for licensure and are going to take this time to determine the optimal approach to do so; i.e., an assessment that provides the best measurement for our state medical board stakeholders and a better experience for examinees.

We will engage with the medical education and medical regulatory communities as we determine the most appropriate exam format and the most relevant competencies to be assessed.

Graduates of LCME- and AOA-accredited medical schools who have passed Step 1 and Step 2 CK, as well as international medical graduates with ECFMG certification, will be able to take Step 3 without first passing Step 2 CS. Updates on requirements for ECFMG Certification during the suspension of Step 2 CS can be found on (