We have received a number of requests to expedite or delay the change to pass/fail score reporting for Step 1. As recently explained on our website in more detail, after careful consideration, we remain committed to the January 2022 timeline. This implementation date was intentionally selected to provide medical schools with adequate time to adjust their curricula, allow examinees sufficient time to adjust their planning for their USMLE administration, and enable leaders in medical education to develop substantive improvements to the critical transition period from medical school to residency training.The USMLE program acknowledges the need for more holistic consideration of residency applicants. Yet many stakeholders agreed that an overly rapid transition to pass/fail could lead to a residency transition system that was more reliant on attributes such as medical school reputation and other subjective factors. Please read our full announcement on this topic here.

Please continue to monitor updates on the USMLE website and on our social media sites for the latest information on this topic.

NBME uses rigorous statistical methods to ensure and maintain the comparability of USMLE scores across time. We are confident that the methods in place yield scores that reflect the knowledge demonstrated during the test administration for all USMLE examinees.

Yes, your score is accurate. Due to the delay in testing caused by the pandemic, we have made every effort to release score reports as quickly as we can, while maintaining our rigorous scoring process. Please note that score reporting times may still vary.