Safely expanding testing access for examinees was the USMLE program’s top priority this past summer. The USMLE program expanded testing opportunities by working with Prometric to create “regional testing centers” in different geographical regions across the U.S. Also, the USMLE program coordinated event testing at medical schools across the U.S. from July to September. More details about these efforts can be found on our website. The USMLE program continues to monitor examinee scheduling as well as test center availability and capacity.

To enable medical school faculty and students to continue their important work during this unprecedented time in our history, faculty have worked with NBME to identify alternative assessment delivery methods for NBME subject examinations. The USMLE program continues to investigate alternative options for delivery of the USMLE Step examinations; however, at this time, remote proctoring is not available for USMLE.

Standard testing conditions are a critical component to ensuring fairness and comparability across USMLE test administrations and scores. Without the opportunity to ensure the integrity of test administrations through standardized equipment, adequate connectability, accessibility, and high-security monitoring, examinees’ scores may not accurately represent their true ability.

The USMLE program will continue to investigate alternative options for delivery of the USMLE Step examinations and other ways to provide examinees relief from the issues related to the pandemic.